Zakail Sudekai: Dimensional Traveler


For the easy on the eyes and quick to skim columnized version of Zakail's favorite things, I've still got his F-List up, just head here.  

Zakail is a survivalist before everything else due to his travels taking him to many hostile worlds. As such his almost always VERY unwilling prey, unless you find some way to change his mind which almost always takes some form of mind control. Be warned though, he does usually have something to get himself out of any situation in that bag of his.  

He's always had a fondness for snakes ever since he was young, having a pet one when he still lived in the foster home. This may be the reason that when he discovered the existence of Nagas he was instantly enraptured by them, finding them such amazing and majestic creatures. This adoration also spreads to other scaled lifeforms to some degree as well.

 The thought that gender should dictate romantic relationships was never a stigma on his home world, growing up where everyone could be with anyone without it seeming "odd" or "wrong." Zakail is an absolute bisexual because of this, liking males and females quite equally.



I will provide more detailed info about his likes and dislikes here sometime soon, but for now i need to work on the other sections.