Zakail Sudekai: Dimensional Traveler


Hello there! 

You're probably here to find out more about Zakail. Well for a much more detailed description and a small story of his past head over to the About Me section and I'm sure you'll be pleased.

For more... personal information such as his likes and dislikes go over to Interests and you'll get a quick look into the darker parts of Zakail's mind.

A fair piece of advice: The best way to get to know me is to approach me IN CHARACTER. I really don't like talking OOC until I've gotten to know you better. Though i will not mind if you have something important to say OOC pertaining to an RP or something. No "Hi" or suggesting a scene right off the bat though. If you've got a scene you want to do with me just direct things that way IC and i'll try to go with it as best i can.  

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